Egyptian orchestra gives blind women training and professional opportunities

Posted on: August 8, 2018

“It takes years to master a musical instrument, and even longer to be good enough to play it as part of an orchestra. But one group in Egypt has done just that while also overcoming a disability,” reports Abubakr al Shamahi on Monday at (8/6) Turkish TV station TRT World (Istanbul). “The Light and Hope Orchestra has performed in public hundreds of times. Its success has taken it on foreign tours all around the world, and earned it countless awards. Al Nour Wal Amal is Arabic for ‘Light and Hope’ and the orchestra is part of a non-profit association that gives blind women educational opportunities and professional training. The 44 women-strong group play eastern and western tunes to perfection—and all without the ability to see the conductor or read the music. The women have learned to play music while blind. ‘Through this orchestra, I have been able to change the Egyptian and world view towards the physically challenged,’ said the head of the orchestra, Shaymaa Hussein. ’I told the world that despite losing my sight, I am a distinguished musician.’ ”

Posted August 9, 2018