Baltimore Symphony set for U.K./Ireland tour this month

Posted on: August 17, 2018

“The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra is about to embark on its first international tour in 13 years,” a nine-day trip to Ireland and the United Kingdom, reports Ron Matz on Tuesday (8/14) at Baltimore TV station WJZ13. “ ‘We’re really excited,’ [said Music Director Marin Alsop]. ‘This tour came about by an invitation, first by the Edinburgh Festival. The director of the festival came to Baltimore and happened to be coming through and came to hear the orchestra and said, “Wow, this is an amazing orchestra, we have to have the Baltimore Symphony in Edinburgh.” Then the BBC Proms in London said we want them too and then Dublin said, “You have to come here, too,” and that’s how it happened.’ … This is the BSO’s first international tour in more than a dozen years…. ‘The most obvious reason [it took thirteen years] is that it’s very expensive…. The cost just never really worked out, but with this incredible invitation and the community’s and corporate support that we’ve gotten and also tremendous support from the state, with everybody chipping in we were able to make this happen,’ Alsop said…. The BSO is scheduled to leave on its nine-day tour next Tuesday.”

Posted August 17, 2018