Shelter Music Boston to premiere piece co-created by members of the homeless community

Posted on: August 17, 2018

From August 19 to 24, the nonprofit organization Shelter Music Boston will present Water for My Soul, a five-movement suite created from a collaboration between homeless men and women and professional musicians and composers. The suite will be performed at area shelters and recovery programs, alongside music by Mozart and Bernstein. In June 2017, Shelter Music Boston held workshops with homeless men and women and SMB musicians, and composer Danielle Williams used themes, melodies, and motives from the workshops to create two movements of Water for My Soul. The remaining three movements are settings of listener responses to SMB chamber music concerts by Williams and fellow composers Francine Trester and Yu-Hui Chang. Since 2010 Shelter Music Boston has employed professional musicians to perform monthly classical concerts in homeless shelters. Julie Leven is Shelter Music Boston’s founder and artistic director.  

Posted August 17, 2018