San Antonio Symphony expands open rehearsals for music students

Posted on: August 20, 2018

“The San Antonio Symphony’s 2018-2019 season doesn’t start until late September, but there’s something some parents and students may want to put on their calendars: rehearsals are now open to music students,” writes Jack Morgan on Thursday (8/16) at Texas Public Radio. “The symphony’s education director Jeremy Brimhall says, … ‘We select several of our dress rehearsals … and open them up to middle and high school students, and also college students, to come in and see what a professional rehearsal is like,’ he said…. ‘Typically our music director Sebastian Lang-Lessing will come down and do a talkback or a Q & A with the students immediately after the rehearsal…. I think they get a lot out of that experience,’ he said. For open rehearsals, six concerts from their classics series were selected, but Brimhall said they’ve also done something they’ve never done before…. ‘We’re opening up one of our movie concerts rehearsals, and that will actually be the “Star Wars: A New Hope” concert on Sept. 28,’ he said.… ‘Open rehearsals are completely free admission,’ … he said. Students sign up to attend open rehearsals through their schools’ music program.”

Posted August 20, 2018