Minnesota Orchestra, beyond “touring” in South Africa

Posted on: August 21, 2018

“The Minnesota Orchestra’s and Minnesota Chorale’s excursion to South Africa has been called a ‘tour,’ ” writes Scott Chamberlain in Friday’s (8/17) MinnPost (Minneapolis). Chamberlain is a member of the Minnesota Chorale, traveling in South Africa with the Minnesota Orchestra. “In watching this grand event unfold, it is clear that ‘tour’ is completely inadequate to describe what is going on. What’s happening is a true and glorious exchange. Ellen Dinwiddie Smith, who plays French horn with the Minnesota Orchestra, notes that … ‘The whole purpose of coming over here is rolling up our sleeves, digging in with the incredible South African musicians and to share music together.’ … One of the South Africans whose life has been changed by this exchange is Ethan Adams, [who] joined with members of the Minnesota Orchestra at the Cape Music Institute…. He will be joining the Minnesota Chorale and Gauteng Choristers onstage singing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in Soweto and Johannesburg. When asked to describe his experience with the Minnesota musicians, Ethan’s reply is: ‘Completely transformational.’ … Minnesotan musicians end up being just as enriched…. Minnesota Orchestra trumpet player Chuck Lazarus remarked, ‘These musicians are showing up with their A-game. Again and again we’ve been blown away at their musical level.’ ”

Posted August 21, 2018