Santa Fe Symphony merges music and math in new PBS documentary

Posted on: September 10, 2018

“New Mexico PBS, in partnership with the Santa Fe Institute and the Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra, produced The Majesty of Music and Math to explore the mathematical concepts behind music, including why instruments sound different, how composers use fractions and why certain chords sound more pleasing than others,” writes Elayne Lowe in Tuesday’s (9/4) Santa Fe New Mexican. The documentary was shown on Thursday on New Mexico PBS, and can be streamed on the PBS app. “New Mexico PBS worked with the Santa Fe Institute and the local orchestra on the three-year project … In the show, Cris Moore, a mathematics, physics and computer science professor at the Santa Fe Institute … uses familiar music performed by the 65-member orchestra, such as a piece by Bach and the Mission Impossible theme, to show the connections between math and music…. Principal conductor Guillermo Figueroa for the Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra and Chorus said the orchestra was proud to have participated in creating something that will reach people of all ages.”

Posted September 10, 2018

In photo: The Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra collaborated with the Santa Fe Institute and New Mexico PBS for the PBS program The Majesty of Music and Math, performing select scores to highlight mathematical concepts.