Seattle Symphony’s Ludovic Morlot on his legacy at the orchestra, and final 2018-19 season

Posted on: September 27, 2018

“ ‘Leave ’em wanting more’ runs the old showbiz adage, and Seattle Symphony music director Ludovic Morlot had it in mind when … the orchestra announced his eighth season in the post would be his last,” writes Gavin Borchert in Wednesday’s (9/26) Seattle Weekly. “Q: If 20 years from now people talk about ‘The Morlot Era’ at the Seattle Symphony, what would you like them to think of? Morlot: That we’ve been able to put this orchestra in a more international light … successful recognition from outside of Seattle: the Grammys, the Gramophone [Orchestra of the Year Award]. Q: What are you particularly excited about in the coming season? Morlot: We kick off the big focus … on Debussy’s music … put in perspective with music of Janáček [and the music of Marc-Andre] Dalbavie. [Heiner] Goebbels’ Surrogate Cities is … about the impact of urbanism on society…. Caroline Shaw is writing a piano concerto for us. Q: What’s next for you? Morlot: I’m thinking about … where is orchestra music heading to? … I’m thinking big models like Ivan Fischer’s … wonderful Budapest Festival Orchestra. [He’s] always been … on the very, very edge of what the next big vision might be.”

Posted September 27, 2018