Symphonic comedy makes its way to Dallas, Orlando, Toronto

Posted on: January 9, 2019

“Most people don’t think of symphony orchestras as having much to do with comedy,” writes Kevin Beane in Saturday’s (1/5) (North Texas). “Second City is looking to change that [with] their tour Comedy at the Symphony with Second City, conducted by Case Scaglione.” The January-March tour includes performances with the Dallas Symphony, Orlando Philharmonic, and Toronto Symphony Orchestra. “Q: What’s the show’s origin story? Associate producer Sophie Santerre: The Second City Guide to the Symphony debuted with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra in late 2014. Q: Is the show inspired by or bear any similarity to [Victor Borge’s] work? Santerre: Not really. Borge’s work is much more similar to that of the stand-up comedian. Our show is … like a sketch show that you would see at Second City—only with considerably more musicians involved. Q: [There are] just three shows over the next three months. How was Dallas able to make the cut? Santerre: We thought it would be an incredible opportunity for our troupe to work with the Dallas Symphony. Q: Is there an element of interactivity in the show? Santerre: We wouldn’t be the Second City without getting the audience to participate in one way or another.”

Posted January 9, 2019