North Carolina Symphony, fourth-grade students, and “Ode to Joy”—with recorders

Posted on: January 22, 2019

“The sounds of classical composers like Beethoven and Strauss filled the West Carteret High School auditorium Tuesday as 750 county fourth-graders listened to the N.C. Symphony,” writes Cheryl Burke in Thursday’s (1/17) Carteret County News-Times (Morehead City, N.C.). “Associate Conductor Wesley Schulz took students on a musical journey, from Symphony No. 92 … by Franz Joseph Haydn, to ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ by Mendelssohn…. The symphony offers a variety of educational concerts and programs…. The program presented Tuesday … for fourth- and fifth-graders [introduced] students to the principles of orchestral music, culminating in a live performance by the N.C. Symphony…. Pupils learn a song each year to sing while the symphony performs. This year it was ‘Ode to Joy.’ … Fourth-graders … played recorders along with the musicians when they performed ‘Ode to Joy.’ … Fourth-grade students who played recorders admitted they were nervous, yet excited to make their musical debut…. Fourth-grader Sandra Bolanos got … a quick lesson in playing a bass from symphony bass player Craig Brown…. Sandra said she enjoyed not only interacting with the symphony performers, but learning more about the music. ‘I liked it and thought it sounded cool,’ she said.”

Posted January 22, 2019