Cincinnati Symphony’s Timothy Lees, concertmaster emeritus, retires following nerve injury

Posted on: March 4, 2019

“Timothy Lees, concertmaster emeritus of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, is retiring due to a persistent nerve injury affecting his left hand,” writes Janelle Gelfand in Friday’s (3/1) Cincinnati Business Courier (OH). “Lees was concertmaster … from 1998 to August 2018. He stepped down … initially planning to remain in the orchestra’s violin section. However, the injury prevented him from performing with the orchestra. He has been on leave since December 2017…. Lees’ problem affects two fingers of his left hand—the hand that fingers the notes. He has undergone surgery of his cervical spine (neck) and continues physical and occupational therapy. Musicians can suffer injuries caused by years of repetitive motion… Injury due to overuse can affect performers of any instrument…. Lees was 28 when he became the ninth concertmaster in CSO history…. He performed as featured artist many times… In 1999, he won acclaim for his Carnegie Hall debut with the orchestra performing Richard Strauss’ ‘Ein Heldenleben.’ Besides touring and making dozens of recordings, Lees also played with the CSO Chamber Players and the Linton Chamber Music series…. Lees will continue to teach violin students at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, where he is on the faculty.”

Posted March 4, 2019