San Diego Youth Symphony’s Anthony Do-Hoon Kim: conductor, mentor, surfer

Posted on: March 26, 2019

“Avid surfer and dedicated music educator Anthony Do-Hoon Kim … has been a teacher and conductor at the San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory since 2013,” writes Beth Wood in Sunday’s (3/24) San Diego Union-Tribune. “On June 8, Kim will conduct the San Diego Youth Symphony’s string ensemble concert…. Born in Seoul, South Korea, Kim moved with his mother and brother in 1994 to Los Angeles…. Kim, 34, … became a U.S. citizen last year…. Years before Kim joined the San Diego Youth Symphony faculty, he was part of its weekend orchestras…. He played violin and also learned viola from his teacher, San Diego Youth Symphony music director Jeff Edmons…. When his family moved to San Diego … he discovered … that La Jolla High School had no music programs. ‘I had to find an orchestra and found SDYS to be the best,’ Kim says. ‘I auditioned with Mr. Edmons. He also got me in touch with Kay Etheridge, a great piano teacher. Meeting them was life-changing.’ ” Says Edmons, “Anthony has a wonderful combination of mentor, role model and educator that enables him to provide outstanding guidance and direction and pathways for the students that he works with.”

Posted March 26, 2019

Anthony Do-Hoon Kim photo by Eduardo Contreras / San Diego Union-Tribune