South Bend’s piano-playing mayor performed with hometown South Bend Symphony

Posted on: April 8, 2019

“Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s piano skills are in the spotlight after a video of him performing alongside Ben Folds in 2015 began circulating on social media,” writes Erin Laviola in Wednesday’s (4/3) Buttigieg is among several politicians who are exploring a campaign for president in 2020. His 2015 performance with Folds “was far from the first for Buttigieg. He had been playing since he was a small child and played ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ with the South Bend Symphony Orchestra in 2013…. [it was] his debut as a concert pianist … about a year after he was elected as mayor. Buttigieg performed ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ in front of an estimated crowd of about 1,850 people at the Morris Performing Arts Center. The South Bend Tribune had a positive review of Buttigieg’s performance…. Buttigieg … also enjoys playing the guitar, even though he’s not as good with the guitar as he is on the piano….  But as for singing—that’s not in his wheelhouse! Buttigieg [says] he tries ‘not to inflict that on other people.’ ”

Posted April 8, 2019