Tracking the audience experience at the California and Pittsburgh symphonies

Posted on: May 28, 2019

“In 2014, the California Symphony … conducted an audience survey … to feel out why people were—or weren’t—going to concerts,” writes Jeremy Reynolds in Saturday’s (5/25) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “The negative comments … cited factors like parking, will-call lines [and] not knowing how to dress…. The California Symphony adjusted course and has nearly doubled the number of tickets it sells…. Melia Tourangeau, president and CEO of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, said … that the PSO consistently receives positive feedback from audience polling and also tracks website data…. ‘A lot of [California Symphony President and CEO Aubrey Bergauer’s] strategy is about personalizing the experience,’ Tourangeau said. ‘We are looking to scale what she’s done using tech for making that personal relationship and experience.’ … One of the most significant changes at the California Symphony involved a … new [website] obviously meant for newcomers…. ‘Our website is geared towards sales,’ Ms. Tourangeau said.… Ms. Tourangeau said one way the PSO is adding a personal touch is to have musicians greet listeners in the lobby. She said … that the PSO still sees its biggest return on investment from direct mail and radio ads. ‘Measuring success depends on what your baseline is,’ Ms. Tourangeau said.”

Posted May 28, 2019