Classical musicians and social media

Posted on: May 31, 2019

“Hilary Hahn is one of the world’s best violinists, but who knew how adept she would be with a hula hoop?” writes Richard Betts in Wednesday’s (5/29) New Zealand Herald (Auckland). “More than 743,000 people [have] watched a YouTube clip of Hahn performing Paganini’s 24th Caprice while simultaneously swirling a hoop…. Like most people in the entertainment industry, classical musicians are turning to social media to promote their careers. German violinist Matthias Well … is happy with the development. ‘Instagram is an international platform; I chat with musicians … and even organise concerts,’ Well says. He posts photos and videos, many of them with his sister, who is a professional cellist…. ‘When we play a concert we post it on Instagram…. People have asked what the piece is and who wrote it, so it’s really nice for young composers.’ Mairéad Hickey … co-founder and artistic director of the Ortús Chamber Music Festival [is] a reluctant social media user… ‘I really have to force myself,’ she says. ‘It doesn’t come naturally.’ … Social media is a curated version of life.” Says Well, “Many people from the outside think classical music is really serious but this shows it can be fun and creative.”

Posted May 31, 2019