League Conference in Nashville, addressing diversity and inclusion, audience engagement, technology

Posted on: June 4, 2019

“For the first time since 2007, the League of American Orchestras National Conference will be hosted by Music City,” reports Kara McLeland on Monday (6/3) at Nashville Public Radio. The League’s 2019 National Conference takes place June 3-5 in Nashville. “Thousands of instrumentalists, conductors, composers, administrators and industry leaders will meet over the next three days…. Conference sessions are scheduled to address a wide array of topics, including practices around audience engagement, issues of diversity and inclusion, and how new technology can enhance … the orchestral experience. With the Nashville Symphony hosting this year’s conference, attendees will also have the chance to take in some of the local classical scene…. League of American Orchestras CEO Jesse Rosen … says that overall, the … American orchestral scene is ‘doing really well,’ despite orchestras being up against some big changes…. Rosen admits that in the past, orchestras have been slow to roll with these punches … ‘but those days are gone, and I think now we’re in a period of a lot more experimentation.’ … Rosen said … often times [there is a] split between a core older audience that prefers established traditions and well-loved music, and younger audiences who are more likely to seek … more informal experiences. Rosen believes orchestras can have both.”   

Posted June 4, 2019