Opinion: Cincinnati’s pending tax on tickets for nonprofits will harm the city’s nonprofit sector

Posted on: June 12, 2019

“The proposed removal of the admissions tax exemption for nonprofit organizations now before Cincinnati City Council would create a significant burden for organizations that earn income, and raise funds, to pay employees and enrich the Cincinnati community with their offerings,” write several leaders of nonprofit groups in Monday’s (6/10) Cincinnati Enquirer. “Nonprofit organizations in the arts, cultural and humanities sector not only have a positive economic impact for our community but also play a key role in the educational enrichment and advancement of Cincinnati’s families, students, young professionals and retirees. The quality of life that our organizations support attracts talent to the city, encourages literacy, creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, and further investment in ideas, businesses and people. The cost of the tax simply cannot be absorbed by the organizations themselves…. The cumulative effect of the tax would increase prices and limit access to these important assets for many, creating barriers especially for families and low- or fixed-income residents…. The proposed tax puts our organizations at risk.” The column is signed by, among others, Jonathan Martin, president of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, and executives from the city’s art museum, ballet and opera companies, zoo and botanical garden, and Holocaust and humanity center.

Posted June 12, 2019