Locked-out Baltimore Symphony musicians to keep health insurance through August, due to donations from board members and others

Posted on: June 28, 2019

“Baltimore Symphony Orchestra musicians will keep their health and dental benefits through July and August after all,” writes Amanda Yeager in Thursday’s (6/27) Baltimore Business Journal (subscription required). “Musicians, who have been negotiating a new contract since their most recent one expired earlier this year, were initially told their insurance would run out at the end of June. But donors, including members of the BSO Board of Directors, have stepped in to pay for the benefits to be extended … BSO CEO Peter Kjome said symphony management and board members were ‘glad’ to continue offering insurance during ‘an extraordinarily difficult time for the Baltimore Symphony. The Board of Directors and management greatly appreciate and value the members of our orchestra.’ Musicians, who were locked out June 17, received their last paycheck of the summer earlier this month. Unless they reach an agreement on a new contract in the coming weeks, they will not be paid again until the symphony’s 2019-2020 season begins … Greg Mulligan, co-chair of the BSO players’ union, said … the news that musicians would continue to be covered by insurance … [is] ‘a very positive step forward, and I’m glad that the BSO is doing the right thing.’ ”

Posted June 28, 2019