Summer reading: Check out the latest issue of Symphony magazine

Posted on: July 22, 2019

Every issue of Symphony, the League’s quarterly magazine, reports on the critical issues, emerging trends, and news of the orchestra world. What’s in the Summer 2019 issue of Symphony, available now in print and online? We report on how orchestras and composers are tackling topics such as gun violence, immigration, and mass incarceration through music and social-impact programs. We examine the growing representation and inclusion of LGBTQ+ composers, musicians, and audiences at U.S. orchestras. In the new issue of Symphony, women composers share their views on how things may—and may not—be changing for women composers in the orchestra field. And we explore the expanding sonic palette of orchestras today, which are featuring instruments like the ondes Martinot, sarod, and that old sci-fi standby, the Theremin. All this and more in the latest issue of Symphony magazine. Click here to read Symphony for free online.

Posted July 22, 2019