Cincinnati Symphony’s open-air music festival, with pop-up events spotlighting city’s diverse arts groups

Posted on: August 13, 2019

“Shara Nova, one of the co-creators … of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s community project called ‘CSO Look Around’ last weekend in Washington Park … described it as ‘like, the biggest pop-up ever,’ ” writes Janelle Gelfand on Saturday (8/10) in her blog. “Yes, it was. The event kicked off the CSO’s 125th anniversary season. My key take-away was that it was all about community. It was great to see the diversity of all those who live in our city, including the dynamic African heritage drummers of Bi-Okoto, the Cincinnati Korean American Chorale, the Cincinnati Indian Ensemble … the Greater Cincinnati Native American Coalition…. The city was ablaze with creative arts being enjoyed by thousands of people during those two hours on a Saturday night. The CSO estimates that 7,500 attended ‘CSO Look Around.’… Shara Nova … remarked that there would be times during the open-air extravaganza when the symphony might appear to be accompanying artists on the other side of the park. And so it was—the CSO played long chords against the rap of hip-hop artist Napolean Maddox…. At times it seemed like pure chaos, but everyone seemed to be having fun. I guess that is what ‘community’ is all about.”

Posted August 13, 2019