How no-deal Brexit may affect British orchestras

Posted on: August 13, 2019

“At the most basic level, Brexit raises concerns about the ability of musicians to tour overseas,” writes Paul Glynn in Wednesday’s (8/9) BBC News. “Classical musicians agree no-deal [Brexit] could mean uncertainty over work permits, delays at European borders and complications with moving instruments across the continent. ‘The nice and simple crossing at Calais, with 100 musicians and no obstacles,’ could instantly become a thing of the past by Halloween, says Mark Pemberton, director of the Association of British Orchestras. ‘We’ve got orchestras that are going on tour in November who do not know what the work permit restrictions and extra costs are going to be in, say, France or Germany. In terms of their preparation, there are some very big unanswered questions.’… Another obstacle touring musicians could face is having to pay for a permit, known as a carnet, for every instrument they take into Europe—to prove they are not trading them internationally…. A Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport spokesperson said: ‘…We continue to engage closely with the music industry to ensure impacts are understood and plans in place for when we leave the EU.’ ”

Posted August 13, 2019