Pianist/composer Conrad Tao, doing it “his way,” at 25

Posted on: August 19, 2019

“Conrad Tao started to play the piano when he was around 18 months old … made his concerto debut at age 8, began studying composition formally at 9, and had professional management by 12,” writes David Weininger in Wednesday’s (8/14) Boston Globe. “Tao, now 25, [says], … ‘By some wild set of miracles, I’m not only still doing it, but doing it my way.’ … Tao—who makes his Boston Symphony Orchestra debut Aug. 23 at Tanglewood … is happily building a career shaped chiefly by his multifaceted interests and ever-expanding curiosity. Over the past few seasons he has premiered a number of new works … played a wide range of repertoire … extended his interest in electronics and improvisation; and collaborated with the dancer and choreographer Caleb Teicher on an evening-length work called ‘More Forever.’ … In October he will release a new solo piano album.… This past September … the New York Philharmonic premiered [Tao’s] ‘Everything Must Go,’ an aural meditation on ideas of collapse and decay…. He also curated Nightcap, a late-night cabaret-style concert hosted by the Philharmonic…. The activities of composing and performing now seem more integrated, Tao said, like twinned creative processes.”

Posted August 19, 2019

Photo of Conrad Tao by Brantley Gutierrez