Cleveland Institute of Music: diversity push, tighter admissions standards, new dorm with practice rooms

Posted on: September 9, 2019

“At the start of a new academic year, the Cleveland Institute of Music is already hard at work on multiple fronts, striving to refine its admissions standards, deepen its local impact, and promote diversity,” writes Zachary Lewis in Friday’s (9/6) Plain Dealer (Cleveland). “The construction project actively underway on the school’s northeast side [will be] a cutting-edge residence and parking complex specially designed for musicians, [with] numerous private and group rehearsal rooms…. The need for such a facility at CIM is great…. The school is also actively striving to shrink its student body … to compete with the nation’s top schools of music and reduce competition among graduates for jobs.… Hand in hand with that objective goes a mission to diversify the student body…. The school is also aiming to help more students afford CIM by lowering the net cost of attendance and making up the difference with higher fundraising…. If classical music is to thrive in the 21st century, [CIM President and Chief Executive Paul] Hogle said, CIM is under a ‘moral obligation’ to better reflect the people of Northeast Ohio and the larger world…. This year, 15 percent of the student body is African-American or Latinx.”

Posted September 9, 2019