Cape Symphony’s nature-inspired season, from “Oceana” to the “Pastoral”

Posted on: September 11, 2019

“The Cape Symphony is opening its 2019-20 season with a nature-themed project titled ‘Beethoven on the Cape’ ” on September 21, writes Grady Culhane in Monday’s (9/9) (Massachusetts). “An original multimedia project titled ‘Soaring Over the Sound’ will also be part of the nature-themed season, including aerial footage by Thomas Chartrand of Shoreline Media alongside music from Mathew Correia. ‘I’ve seen some of the footage already,’ said Cape Symphony Director and Conductor Jung-Ho Pak. ‘I’m so excited. It’s just zooming over these ponds and these beaches. We’re going to set this to music—live music.’ … Correia’s music was sponsored by the Harwich Conservation Trust…. Another piece featured in the concert will be [Stella Sung’s] ‘Oceana,’ … paired with film from photographer Annie Crawley [who] has worked around the globe.… The Beethoven performance itself will feature his ‘Pastoral’ Symphony, [inspired by] sounds of birds, babbling brooks, and inclement weather.… ‘Secret of the Wind and Birds,’ … by Chinese composer Tan Dun … will also feature in the production…. His piece is unique in its blending of eastern and western themes and its use of bird calls played on smart phones during the performance.”

Posted September 11, 2019