Maine’s Bangor Symphony set for tenth season under Lucas Richman

Posted on: September 20, 2019

“The Bangor Symphony Orchestra, led by music director and conductor Lucas Richman, is set to kick off its 124th season next month,” writes Allen Adams in Wednesday’s (9/18) Maine Edge. “The 2019-2020 season … marks the tenth year in the tenure of the BSO’s music director and conductor Lucas Richman…. The 2019-2020 season features the symphony’s standard selection of excellence.… Thanks to the symphony’s partnership with the Bangor Arts Exchange, the BSO is also providing a wealth of smaller-scale programming … with numerous events—many of them free.… BSO Executive Director Brian Hinrichs is enthusiastic about the upcoming programming… ‘I think Lucas is really known for this mix of the old and the new,’ said Hinrichs…. ‘You will see Lucas the composer as well. You’ll see Lucas’s new piece The Warming Sea, which is a collaboration with the Maine Science Festival…. We’re ending the season with Mahler’s Fifth Symphony…. In November, we’re playing the Academic Festival Overture by Brahms … one of the first pieces that Lucas ever conducted…. We are actually going to have members of the Bangor Symphony Youth Orchestra joining the professional orchestra for that performance.’ ”

Posted September 20, 2019