Ooops: Emmy awards memorialize André Previn with photo of Leonard Slatkin

Posted on: September 24, 2019

“The Emmys in memoriam montage on Sunday sought to commemorate André Previn, who died at age 89 in February. But the photo onscreen was of another conductor entirely,” writes Julia Jacobs in Monday’s (9/23) New York Times. “The man pictured on TV was Leonard Slatkin, who turned 75 this month and is very much alive. Mr. Slatkin tweeted about the mistake on Monday morning, writing, ‘André deserved better.’ Previn was a jazz pianist, conductor and composer who wrote or arranged the music for dozens of movies … Throughout his life, Previn received six Emmy nominations, including two for the public television series ‘Previn and the Pittsburgh,’ broadcast when he was the music director of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Previn received four Academy Awards. In 1961 alone, he was nominated for three Oscars … Mr. Slatkin is mostly known for his prolific career in conducting, having led the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and the National Symphony Orchestra, among others. He remains the music director laureate for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Representatives for the Emmys and Fox did not immediately offer comment on Monday.”

Posted September 24, 2019