Asheville Symphony collaborates with Steep Canyon Rangers and Boyz II Men

Posted on: October 16, 2019

“This past weekend the Steep Canyon Rangers packed up a dozen members of the Asheville Symphony and headed to Nashville to meet up with Philadelphia soul legends Boyz II Men, for the live debut of their new joint single, Be Still Moses,” writes John Lawless in last Wednesday’s (10/9) Bluegrass Today (Roanoke, VA). “While at Music City’s Schermerhorn Center they recorded the performance for a live music video to celebrate the attention the song has received across the stylistic spectrum. Not many folks expected a bluegrass/R&B/Gospel mashup to become a 2019 hit, but fans across those genres have responded positively to the remake, which was released in August … The concept of pairing these groups with the symphony players was the brainchild of producer Michael Selverne, and everyone jumped on board right away when he presented it. Be Still Moses, written by Steeps banjo man Graham Sharp, had originally appeared on their their Lovin’ Pretty Women album in 2007, and it gets a slightly different treatment here.” The article states that the result, including video of a live performance by the Steep Canyon Rangers, Boyz II Men, and members of the Asheville Symphony, is “something pretty special.”

Posted October 16, 2019