Ruth Reinhardt: conductor on the rise

Posted on: November 8, 2019

“Over the past decade, the conductor Ruth Reinhardt has rocketed onto the international stage with appointments and fellowships from Los Angeles to Leipzig,” writes Elizabeth Nonemaker in Tuesday’s (11/5) Baltimore Sun. “Now, Reinhardt’s travels take her to Baltimore. On Friday, Reinhardt will make her conducting debut with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, leading a series of concerts featuring the work of Wennäkoski, Schubert and Brahms. Reinhardt’s rising prowess is complemented by the established stardom of pianist Emanuel Ax, who will perform Brahms’ Piano Concerto No. 2, a work that stands out to Reinhardt for both its scale and the ‘interwoven’ nature of its material…. Reinhardt is a German native who … played violin and oboe, she played chamber music and in youth orchestras, and she composed her own music. She described discovering her affinity for conducting at the age of 16 … During a rehearsal a conductor asked her if she wanted to give it a shot, and Reinhardt realized, ‘Conducting actually combined all those things I was doing separately….’ Conducting requires synthesizing multiple perspectives on music: One needs to have an interest in composition and studying scores to determine both the structure of a piece and its message.”

Posted November 8, 2019