As Baltimore Symphony sets new course, Michael Kaiser signs on as consultant

Posted on: November 21, 2019

Arts administrator Michael Kaiser “is set to advise the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra on its plan for a more stable financial future,” writes Brandon Weigel in Tuesday’s (11/19) Baltimore Fishbowl. “In a statement, Kaiser said it ‘will be an honor … to work with the Board, staff and musicians to chart a course that allows for consistent artistic accomplishment in the years ahead.’ The move was praised by both management and a representative for the musicians, who earlier this year clashed in a labor battle that resulted in a summer-long lockout. As part of a one-year agreement brokered in September, the two sides pledged to create a ‘Vision Committee’ to develop a sustainable path forward … The central point of contention in the labor dispute earlier this year was the BSO’s status as a year-round ensemble…. ‘The year ahead will be pivotal for the BSO, and we are deeply grateful that generous supporters of the Orchestra have enabled us to engage Michael Kaiser,’ BSO President and CEO Peter Kjome said … Percussionist Brian Prechtl, chair of the BSO Players Committee, said … ‘The musicians are very encouraged to have Michael Kaiser on board…. Michael recognizes that compelling art is the key to helping arts organizations prosper.’ ”

Posted November 21, 2019