Kentucky’s Owensboro Symphony and local choir director collaborate on a children’s choral ensemble

Posted on: December 23, 2019

“People who attended the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra’s Holiday Pops concert on Saturday were treated to a pre-show performance by OBKY 1Voice, a new collaboration with Owensboro Symphony Orchestra,” writes Marlys Mason in Thursday’s (12/19) Owensboro Times (KY). “OBKY 1Voice is a choral ensemble for children ages 6 to 18 and is the brainchild of [local pastor] Titus Chapman, its choir director…. Auditions are not required to be part of OBKY 1Voice…. ‘Our goal is to create an opportunity for all youth, with no obstacles. It’s free and open to everyone,’ said Chapman. [At the first rehearsal] Chapman … put 10 chairs out, but … ‘almost 50 showed up.’ … Owensboro Symphony Orchestra came on board through their Music on Call community engagement program, which is underwritten by Owensboro Health. Deputy CEO of the symphony Gwen Payne said that the program supports ‘random acts of music,’ and an unmet community need. ‘Titus saw an area that wasn’t being fulfilled,’ Payne said…. Along with the guidance of the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra, OBKY 1Voice connected to local community leaders … Chapman plans to continue the choir.… They already have booked a couple of events in January and February.”