Saluting Linda Shaver-Gleason, creator of “Not Another Music History Cliché!” blog

Posted on: January 6, 2020

“Beethoven’s late music sounds the way it does because he was already deaf when he wrote it. The premiere of ‘The Rite of Spring’ was a historic explosion of anti-modernist outrage,” writes Joshua Kosman in last Monday’s (12/30) San Francisco Chronicle. “These are things that everyone knows…. And they’re all wrong…. With the winningly outraged name ‘Not Another Music History Cliché!’ … since 2016 California musicologist Linda Shaver-Gleason has been [compiling] a clear-eyed and level-headed accounting of the ways in which the conventional wisdom about classical music … consistently leads us astray…. Sadly, however, ‘Not Another Music History Cliché!’ has now come to the end of its life … because Linda, at 36, is coming to the end of hers … after several years of increasingly difficult chemotherapy…. It was through Linda’s presence on Twitter and Facebook that I came to know both her and her work—and also to understand the degree of personal intimacy that is possible in [social media]…. A year ago, Linda signed a contract … to write a book based on ‘Not Another Music History Cliché!’ … Is a posthumous completion too much to hope for? It seems like an apt legacy for this generous thinker and writer.”