Conductor Jessica Bejarano launches San Francisco Philharmonic

Posted on: January 24, 2020

“Jessica Bejarano, a lesbian Latina, is the founder and conductor of a new ensemble, the San Francisco Philharmonic,” writes Roberto Friedman in Tuesday’s (1/21) Bay Area Reporter (San Francisco). “Their first concert comes up on Feb. 3 at the Wilsey Center in San Francisco…. Bejarano, 38, was formerly the music director and conductor of the San Francisco Civic Symphony, an all-volunteer community orchestra. Q: Do you expect a range of sexual orientations and gender identifications in the San Francisco Philharmonic? Bejarano: [At] our first rehearsal last night … I was humbled and impressed by the presence and diversity of people in the orchestra. Q: Do you have any favorite composers, periods or schools of music you intend to emphasize? Is it important to bring Latinx composers into the mix? Sexual minorities? Bejarano: Yes, I love Tchaikovsky! [I wrote] my Master’s thesis on him…. The San Francisco Philharmonic inaugural performance will close with Tchaikovsky’s epic Fourth Symphony! Yes, it is important to bring Latinx and minority composers into the mix. I’m already brainstorming programming for next season, and how to be as diverse and inclusive as possible. I want the San Francisco Philharmonic to be reflective of the diversity of our community.”