New report from Association of British Orchestras reveals growth in audiences, numbers of concerts, income

Posted on: February 7, 2020

“As the Association of British Orchestra’s annual conference gets underway, new analysis reveals the good health of the country’s symphonic sector,” writes Kyle Macdonald in last Wednesday’s (1/29) Classic FM (U.K.). “Once a year, representatives from orchestras across the UK get together to meet, share ideas, and celebrate the wonderful things about music-making in the country. It’s run by the Association of British Orchestras (ABO) and takes place this year in Manchester and Salford. Classic FM … joins the ABO alongside ensembles from all corners of the country…. Programming, workforce, funding, broadcasting and environment will all be discussed in the three-day event … And as the conference begins, there is every reason to feel positive about the future of orchestral music, as new analysis shows positive growth and resilience in the industry…. Every three years the ABO carries out a detailed statistical analysis of the UK’s professional orchestras. 2019’s report reveals positive growth in key areas: three per cent growth in numbers of performances, and two per cent growth in audience numbers…. There is promising news on the financial side of things too, with a 26 per cent increase in orchestras’ income since 2016.” Read the ABO’s report.