Proposed Michigan bill would require arts and music education for K-5 students

Posted on: March 4, 2020

“A metro Detroit state senator has proposed a bill that would require music and art education to be regularly part of the K-5 curriculum,” reads an unsigned Monday (3/2) report at Detroit TV station WXYZ. “Sen. Erika Geiss, a Democrat from Taylor, cited a recent [study] that found higher academic achievement in core subjects for students with regular access to art and music education…. ‘As we teach the younger generation to be innovative and thoughtful leaders, instruction in music and the arts should be an integral part of the public-school experience,’ Geiss said…. ‘We should be … teaching them skills that enable them to both better understand themselves and collaborate with others—which is exactly what music and the arts do. The creativity that is innate in music and art education strengthens critical thinking skills and allows for a deeper level of engagement.…’ Senate Bill 804 would require 90 minutes of music and 90 minutes of art instruction per week with certified teachers in each subject area. It also would require districts to have a separate, dedicated budget for music and art, and the legislature provide funding.… The bill was referred to the Senate Education Committee.”