Cancellations and postponements affecting Boise arts community, including Boise Philharmonic

Posted on: March 20, 2020

“Organizations across Boise are making difficult decisions on whether to cancel, continue or postpone their events in response to COVID-19,” writes Arianna Creteau in Wednesday’s Boise Weekly (Idaho). “Arts nonprofits like Ballet Idaho and Boise Philharmonic have already begun asking for financial support from the community and the government, calling on patrons to consider donating the value of their tickets rather than requesting refunds. … Boise Philharmonic has joined the League of American Orchestras in advocating for federal relief by reaching out to local representatives. On March 6, President Trump signed the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act, a bill addressing emergency funding to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.… ‘Our industry is based on tickets, gatherings and events, and we’ve been effectively shut down. We really will need that federal or local government support, as we look forward to the future, because it’s unclear how long this outbreak will be going on,’ said [Philharmonic] Executive Director Laura Reynolds. It’s not just about the community supporting the arts, it’s also about how the arts can support the community…. ‘Music and art are such an essential part of how people are able to express themselves and something that’s needed during these times,’ said Reynolds.”