Lisa Bielawa launches “Broadcast at Home,” with crowdsourced texts

Posted on: April 10, 2020

Composer Lisa Bielawa is asking the public to submit testimonies about their own experience of the coronavirus crisis for Broadcast from Home, a new work she writing. Bielawa will be selecting testimonies to set to music that she will compose in response to the texts. The public will also be invited to perform Bielawa’s music, and the project will eventually culminate in a series of 20- to 30-minute participatory musical performances for an unlimited number of singers and instruments. The Kaufman Music Center in New York City is partnering with Bielawa on the project, providing production support. Bielawa’s students from the Mannes School of Music at the New School and students from Kaufman Music Center’s Lucy Moses School, Special Music School, and Face the Music programs will participate as instrumentalists and vocalists. Bielawa says, “It is not clear to what degree and for how long various communities will be suffering from the isolation of lock-down, social distancing and quarantine. People’s need for community is a constant, and the architecture of Broadcast from Home is designed to effect communal healing in changing circumstances.” Testimonies can be submitted in writing or as recorded spoken word at Bielawa’s website,