Dallas-Fort Worth family of musicians performs neighborhood concerts

Posted on: April 13, 2020

“A musically talented Fort Worth family has been performing short string quartet concerts throughout their neighborhood,” writes William Joy on Sunday (4/12) at Dallas TV station WFAA. “Brian Perry is a bass player for the Dallas Symphony and his wife Kathryn plays violin for the Fort Worth Symphony. Their daughter Madeline, 11, plays the violin, too, and Margaret, 7, plays cello…. The shows started when Kathryn sent out an email asking if families with young kids would want nursery rhymes played, but the concerts quickly grew. They’ve now done about 15 of them throughout their Mistletoe Heights neighborhood. ‘Every time we go somewhere, someone posts something and someone else in the neighborhood reached out to us,’ Brian Perry said. For the couple dozen neighbors spaced out and gathered on grass and porches, the 15-minute show is the highlight of the week…. The family says it’s also their way of saying thank you to neighbors for all the times of picking up kids from school or practices and thank you to the healthcare workers and first responders…. Madeline and Margaret … ‘have enjoyed getting to play for their friends and do little air hugs from a distance,’ Kathryn said.”