Dallas Symphony’s Young Musicians program moves lessons and classes online

Posted on: April 16, 2020

“Classical music teachers across North Texas have been adapting to virtual classrooms and lessons in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic,” writes Tim Giovanni in Wednesday’s (4/15) Dallas Morning News. “Among institutions moving their educational offerings online, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra has maintained its Young Strings and Young Musicians initiatives. Young Musicians … launched in summer 2019 … provides lessons and classes to about 300 students in five schools in South Dallas…. The Young Musicians program is offering one-on-one lessons and group lessons via Zoom…. Since students can’t all play at the same time on Zoom, the plan is for them to record their individual parts and send them to their teachers, who will then use an app to create virtual ensembles. ‘Right now, the priority is to provide some sense of normalcy, structure and community,’ Jennifer Guzman, director of education at the DSO, says. ‘It’s not the same as being able to high-five your best friend in class, but at least they can see each other, get to hear each other play, and get to see their teacher.’ ” The article also documents challenges for North Texas music teachers who are moving their studios online.

Dallas Young Musicians students at Silberstein Elementary School in Dallas, summer 2019. Photo by Sylvia Elzafon