Virginia Symphony musicians on staying hopeful and active during social distancing

Posted on: April 17, 2020

Left to right: Virginia Symphony Orchestra bassist Tom Reel, violinist Anna Bishop, and trombonist Tanner Antonetti.

“We’ve asked local artists … to share their insights with us and tell us about what keeps them feeling hopeful and their creative juices flowing” during the coronavirus pandemic, writes Amy Poulter in Friday’s (4/17) Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk, VA). Virginia Symphony Orchestra bassist Tom Reel, trombonist Tanner Antonetti, and violinist Anna Bishop are interviewed in the article. Reel: “With the windows open and the bird-feeders stocked, nature provides some music during the day, and at night I like to listen to old favorites (classical and Broadway, mostly) and also discover something new on occasion. Antonetti: The ability to slow down in just about every aspect of my daily life has given me the opportunity to seek out the beauty in the everyday. The first coffee in the morning, cooking dinner at home, walking around my neighborhood. Bishop: I’ve been listening to a Danish piano & bass duo called Bremer/McCoy…. I’ve recently finished: ‘The Far Field’ by Madhuri Vijay, ‘Future Home of the Living God’ by Louise Erdrich and ‘Lavinia’ by Ursula K. Le Guin…. I’m finding deep gratitude for spring…. We can take walks with our greyhound, Louie, and admire all the flowers emerging in our neighborhood.”