Porch classical concerts in Pasadena, California, bringing neighbors together

Posted on: April 24, 2020

Beong-Soo Kim plays cello on the porch of his home in Pasadena, California. His wife, Bonnie Wongtrakool, plays piano in the front window of the house. Photo by Christina House

“In the Madison Heights neighborhood of Pasadena … a man on the porch sits before a music stand, playing the cello, while someone inside the house plays the piano behind the large front window,” writes Jessica Gelt in Thursday’s (4/23) Los Angeles Times. “The impromptu concert … lasts close to an hour as listeners come and go and neighbors perch in chairs on their lawns. The music is a gift given each weekend by Beong-Soo Kim and his wife, Bonnie Wongtrakool. They are not professional musicians … but they have been playing their respective instruments since they were 5…. Kim and Wongtrakool are longtime subscribers with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, which in late March announced the cancellation of the remainder of its 2019-20 season…. Friends and neighbors down the road, Jonathan and Cathy Karoly, have played in the L.A. Phil for more than 20 years…. Jonathan says that he and Cathy post videos on YouTube…. Cathy says they know another couple in the area—both in the L.A. Phil’s violin section—and muses that it would be a treat to stage a progressive neighborhood concert with all the local musicians out in their yards and on their porches.”