Philadelphia’s Presser Foundation awards over $500K in COVID-19 arts grants

Posted on: May 1, 2020

“The Presser Foundation has awarded a special round of grants to music groups as they struggle with the disappearance of ticket sales and challenging fundraising in the COVID-19 era,” writes Peter Dobrin in Wednesday’s (4/29) Philadelphia Inquirer. “The awards … are going to 85 groups, mostly in the Philadelphia area, with the total coming to $521,250…. For Symphony in C, which received $12,500, the news comes at a critical juncture. ‘The cancellation of two concerts, curtailed educational programs, as well as postponing our annual gala until next year, meant a significant decrease in the symphony’s earned and contributed revenue,’ said Pamela Brant, president of the orchestra, which performs at the Rutgers-Camden Center for the Arts…. ‘This special grant may very well make the difference between ending [our fiscal year] in the red and ending in the black.’ The list of recipients ranges from … the Philadelphia Orchestra, Opera Philadelphia, and WRTI-FM, to educational groups like Play On Philly … ‘We are in a good position … to free up this money to provide for immediate need. But we are thinking about [grants to address] the extended need for when the doors open,’ said Presser executive director Teresa Araco Rodgers.’ ”