Bay Atlantic Symphony’s Jed Gaylin on musical life during the pandemic

Posted on: May 12, 2020

“South Jersey’s Bay Atlantic Symphony is guided by the philosophy that music is essential to life,” writes Susan Wallner in Wednesday’s (5/6) Jersey Arts. “Planning for live events post-quarantine Music Director Jed Gaylin and executive director Brian McPeak have been running multiple scenarios, including having audience members sit six seats apart. Gaylin also spoke of his concern for the symphony’s players—all professional freelance musicians—as they confront an unknown stretch of unemployment. Q: How has the Bay Atlantic Symphony been dealing with the shutdown? Gaylin: It’s hard for us, on many fronts. In past times of crisis … performing artists were able to jump in and say, ‘Let’s put on a benefit concert, we’ll donate our services.’ … It’s like our superpower has been taken away…. That’s why we did the Musical Postcards [videos].… This is just us in our homes … making music … a little ‘behind the scenes’ snapshot…. I have been playing [piano] more.… I started off with Bach…. String players turn to Bach…. They can play a partita or they can play the Chaconne for solo violin. Cellists do the same thing…. I’ve also turned to Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin. I mean, this is what we were nurtured on.”