Twins celebrate 14th birthdays by performing classical concert outside nursing homes

Posted on: May 20, 2020

“Twin brothers Miles and Quincy Eby had the misfortune of their 14th birthday falling during the coronavirus pandemic,” writes Gabrielle Fonrouge in Monday’s (5/18) New York Post. “But instead of spending the day at home sulking, the teen musicians from Englewood, New Jersey decided to host mini-concerts for three nursing homes in their area where they spent the day playing classical music for the stuck-inside seniors. ’When you see everything else going on, it just wouldn’t feel right’ to celebrate as normal, [said] Miles, who plays piano… ‘Not many people think about the elderly, especially young people,’ added Quincy, who plays the violin and the viola…. They arranged with the [nursing] homes to set up their instruments outside the buildings in a spot where the senior residents could watch through their window. Quincy picked out the music, a series of classical tunes from Bach, Bartok and Mendelssohn … for the May 3 birthday concert…. The boys’ mother, Angelique Phillips, said it was extraordinary to see the seniors … watch the show…. ‘They’d been so enclosed and something as simple … as opening a window and pulling up your blinds and just reconnecting—that made me really feel very, very choked up,’ … Phillips said.”