Musicians, getting through the pandemic with a dash of humor

Posted on: May 27, 2020

“Like many musicians now, I’m incredibly busy with important issues like waking up, etc.,” writes Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster Frank Almond on Friday (5/22) at his Nondivisi blog. “About a week ago I asked some friends (musicians or not) how they were spending their quarantine time, or what their current projects/goals were.” Responses included: “Learn to play the violin. Post something on social media every day of you playing something; post other things on social media, especially cat videos or other animals doing funny or unusual things. Text your friends about being isolated/quarantined…. If your friend is a musician … talk about the New Normal or the [current] League [of American Orchestras] Conference…. Organize things in your house/apartment … then do it again every few hours. Watch all seasons of Breaking Bad straight through. Learn a lot about math and physics, then write a book that explains String Theory and the expanding universe to musicians…. When the book is done, figure out pandemic seating in an 1800 seat hall without losing revenue (see League Conference). Get off the couch/bed for at least 15 min/day. Do a lot of yoga, then post on social media about doing a lot of yoga. Stay optimistic.”