Thunderstorms cause extensive damage, collapsed roof at Ohio’s Sandusky State Theatre, home to Firelands Symphony

Posted on: June 11, 2020

Home of the Firelands Symphony Orchestra, the Sandusky State Theatre in Ohio suffered severe damage due to recent thunderstorms, including a collapsed roof.

“Severe thunderstorms have been making their way through Northeast Ohio Wednesday, and as a result, a 92-year-old landmark appears to be in shambles,” reads an unsigned Wednesday (6/10) report at WKYC TV (Cleveland, OH). “Strong wind and rain heavily damaged the Sandusky State Theatre on Columbus Avenue.” The Firelands Symphony Orchestra and other arts groups perform in the Sandusky State Theatre, although concerts and performances had previously been cancelled due to the pandemic. “Photos and video [show] portions of the walls and roof gone with bricks scattered all over the sidewalk and street…. No one was hurt, but police are telling residents to stay away from the area as the building is not stable….. The Sandusky State Theatre has been around since 1928, but was still temporarily closed due to the coronavirus pandemic…. ‘Everybody’s had a tough year,’ Theatre Director Chris Parthemore said. ‘Sandusky’s a tough town, and we’ll get through it.’ ”