Review: Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra’s outdoor event, first live performance since mid-March

Posted on: June 26, 2020

Musicians from the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra perform at Cincinnati Art Museum’s Art Climb in Eden Park, June 20, 2020. Photo by Janelle Gelfand

“The steamy rendition of George Gershwin’s ‘Summertime’ was an apt choice for the woodwinds of the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra to perform June 20, the summer solstice,” writes Janelle Gelfand in Tuesday’s (6/23) Cincinnati Business Journal. “It was 90 degrees in the shade on Cincinnati Art Museum’s new Art Climb in Eden Park. Small ensembles played for passersby on three levels along the 164 steps, hailing the reopening of the museum to the public. It was the first live performance for these musicians since venues closed in mid-March because of Covid-19. Despite the noontime heat, they were happy to be back, performing for an audience. Those who gathered on the hillside steps seemed equally happy to hear them…. The ‘gig’ was made possible by PPP funding received by the orchestra. The 32-piece ensemble plays an annual ‘Summermusik’ festival in August—now canceled. For many of the players, who rely on performing and teaching, that meant losing a substantial part of their income. This summer, you might see them … serenading outdoor diners in Over-the-Rhine [or] playing for animals at SPCA and outdoors at Cincinnati parks. ‘We’ve got to get really creative,’ said Miriam Culley, a clarinetist.”