Wichita Falls Symphony’s curated, crowdsourced playlists, “Legato in Times of Staccato”

Posted on: June 26, 2020

“One of the more striking and heartening images that came from Italy during its battle with Covid-19 were the films of neighbors on their balconies playing musical instruments to connect with one another,” writes Richard Carter in Sunday’s (6/21) Times Record (Wichita Falls, TX). “Inspired by those scenes, the Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestra created a weekly playlist on its website www.wfso.org titled ‘Legato in Times of Staccato,’ according to executive director Alicia Deges. The musical selections are curated by WFSO music director and conductor Fouad Fakhouri. ‘We were thinking of things we could do to connect with people,’ said Deges…. ‘Legato is a musical term that is used to connect a group of notes together. Staccato is used to give notes space and detachment from each other. Music is such a great way to keep people connected.’ Each week, the WFSO lists a music playlist developed and annotated by Fakhouri…. The lists also incorporate community submissions from those who email the symphony at info@wfso.org.… Fakhouri also enjoys techno and trance and the playlists introduce listeners to many different forms of classical and contemporary symphonic music. ‘I get so many suggestions from so many people and I welcome them,’ he said.”