Check it out: ​Summer issue of Symphony magazine

Posted on: July 17, 2020

The ​new edition of Symphony, the League of American Orchestras’ ​magazine, tackles today’s most pressing issues: the orchestra field’s response to racial injustice, how orchestras are coping with the global pandemic, the growing visibility of women conductors, and more. We examine orchestras’ historic and ongoing lack of ethnic and racial diversity; provide expert advice on how to improve fundraising at a time when ticket and subscription revenue is drying up; and report on the impact of the National Alliance for Audition Support, which is helping Black and Latinx musicians take—and win—auditions at U.S. orchestras. Leaders of orchestras nationwide reveal how they are planning seasons during the pandemic, when planning is impossible. And ​we contextualize the present day with a look back at the influenza pandemic of a century ​ago and its impact on orchestras. Plus: as he prepares to step down in September, League President and CEO Jesse Rosen reflects on the past, present, and future of orchestras.

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