Pittsburgh Symphony’s principal trumpet adds teaching and a book of solo trumpet repertoire

Posted on: July 21, 2020

“Micah Wilkinson, principal trumpet of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, hasn’t performed in Heinz Hall in months, but he has been serenading his neighbors,” writes Jeremy Reynolds in Monday’s (7/20) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “He purchased recording equipment and decked out his home studio for online teaching, homing in on demand among trumpet players for intense study during the pandemic. Now the 36-year-old has gone beyond online classes to the freshly curated and edited ‘Book of Solos,’ which binds 30 key bits of trumpet repertoire and music… The idea came from a fellow musician and former classmate, trombone player Samuel Price, who created a similar, licensed book for that instrument and launched a publishing company, Price & Co. Publishing, to print it during the pandemic. The trumpet volume will be available July 24, and another iteration for flute is available for preorder…. It’s common for professional musicians to purchase such books at a young age and keep them well into their careers. The books become a catch-all for notes, personal interpretive marks and other tactile experiences.… Like other musicians around the country, Mr. Wilkinson has pivoted to online lessons and classes and will launch an online fundamentals workshop for trumpet players July 27.”