Carnegie Hall’s Clive Gillinson on present challenges and future opportunities

Posted on: July 24, 2020

“More than any event in our lifetime, the economic and health challenges posed by COVID-19 have created a dangerous threat to Carnegie Hall and arts institutions everywhere,” writes Clive Gillinson, artistic and executive director of Carnegie Hall, on Thursday’s (7/23) (NYC). “On top of that, we’re now living with the consequences of the appalling murder of George Floyd, only the most recent example of the systemic racism that has plagued the United States since the advent of slavery 400 years ago. This has transformed what was already a dire situation into a monumental challenge that must be addressed by all of us. Our primary responsibility in responding to this pandemic has to be to ensure the survival and ultimately the vigorous health of our institutions, ensuring their future ability to serve people and transform lives across our communities. However, as with all crises, I believe this is also a time of great opportunity. Whatever else comes out of this period, we will have failed ourselves and the communities we serve if we do not emerge with enhanced commitments to key societal challenges that all of us are committed to addressing, and as even more effective, efficient, and resilient organizations.”