Jacksonville Symphony’s music director on deepening community connections

Posted on: August 20, 2020

“This week we announced that I have extended my contract with the Jacksonville Symphony for three years, meaning I’ll be making music with our wonderful musicians until 2024,” writes music director Courtney Lewis in Sunday’s (8/16) Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville). “I’m delighted to be deepening my roots in Jacksonville and continuing to build our fantastic orchestra into something even more connected to our city. There are many highlights and happy memories as I look back on the last six years [including] the orchestra’s debut broadcast on NPR’s nationally syndicated ‘Performance Today’ show. We’ve been featured several times since…. Then last year we were selected to perform at ‘SHIFT: A Festival of American Orchestras’ in Washington, D.C. … Right now … all we want to do is get back on stage and perform for you as soon as possible. I’m counting the days until we reopen with ‘Fanfare’ on Sept. 26. I’ve never worked with a physically-distanced orchestra before—no one has!—but we need to think further into the future. We need to continue pushing ourselves to be the best we can, not just in how we play, but in what we play, and for whom.”